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Diagnostic Exams, X-Rays, and Routine Dental Cleaning

Your initial appointment at Racine Dentistry will include Diagnostic Exams, X-Rays, and Routine Dental Cleanings.

Diagnostic Exams X-Rays and Routine Dental Cleaning Racine WI

Diagnostic Exams X-rays and Routine Dental Cleaning

First, go over your medical and dental history. Dr. Budzinski will then take a full set of x-rays to determine any pathology and dental decay. You will have a hard tissue exam, checking all the surfaces of your teeth for decay. An oral cancer exam is performed, checking the oral cavity for any abnormalities.

A periodontal exam is done to evaluate the health of the gum. There is unattached gum tissue that surrounds each tooth, called the sulcus. The purpose of the sulcus is to fill with the fluid created by gums to fight against the infiltration of bacteria. Usually, these depths are 1-3 millimeters. Dr. Budzinski will use a probe to determine the sulcus depth for each tooth. A baseline will be created to compare readings done each year.

Depths of 1-3 are healthy, Dr. Budzinski recommends dental cleanings every six months. However, depths greater than 4mm may require periodontal therapy, root planing. This procedure is done under anesthesia, and teeth are cleaned well beneath the gum tissue. Adjunct antibiotic treatment may also be incorporated following periodontal therapy.

Dr. Budzinski will recommend dental cleanings every three months. Sulcus depths will be checked every six months. Treatment plans, if needed, are discussed and created.

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