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Dental Filling Services in Racine, WI

Dental Filling Services in Racine, WI

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You can schedule tooth fillings at Racine Dentistry any time, and our specialists will be happy to discuss the options available to you

Composite Fillings and Restorations

Teeth that have lost structure due to decay or trauma can be restored using a tooth-colored material called composite. At Racine Dentistry, Dr. Budzinski only uses composite to restore teeth. We are an amalgam, metal-free office.


Generally, a local anesthetic is given, the decay is then removed, the tooth is etched with a mild acid, a bonding adhesive is then placed and cured. The composite is then placed into the missing tooth structure. It recreates the tooth’s anatomy and color. The composite is then sculpted and polished.

We recommend a dental filling procedure to restore a tooth that has been eroded by wear or tooth decay. Additionally, they are an option for issues involving chips and fractures of the tooth. Depending on the material used and how well you care for them, fillings can last as many as five to twelve years.

Repairing a tooth affected by decay is paramount to prevent it from getting worse, which will lead to it needing more complicated treatment, so schedule a consultation with us at Racine Dentistry in Racine, WI, today.

Symptoms of a Tooth Surface That Needs Repair

Experiencing sensitivity? Pain to cold, sweets or acidic foods is common signs of tooth decay. Contact Racine Dentistry to have Dr. Budzinski examine you for diagnosis.

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