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Dental Relines & Repairs Services in Racine, WI

Dental Relines & Repairs Services in Racine, WI

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Dental Relines & Repairs Services in Racine

Denture Reline

As you age, your gums begin to lose mass, which can cause your dentures to become shaky. It is even possible for them to fall out of the mouth. In such an event, you need dental to reline assistance.

The process involves taking a new impression of your gums to get a clear picture of how much to resize the dentures. Next, we reline the dentures in a lab. When you get them back, they will fit properly and not fall out.

Denture Repair

When the dentures have developed a crack or may have fallen and broken, dental relines and repairs are necessary. It is not uncommon these kinds of occurrences, and our experts know just how to fix the problem, getting you back to your life.

We advise our clients to come with the pieces that may have fallen off because this will save time and money for molding a new piece.

Attempting a repair yourself is risky. Still, we have experienced some people coming to our dental clinic, Racine Dentistry, located in Racine, WI, after a do-it-yourself repair job went wrong. Trust us to give you the care you need for your dentures. Our staff and dentists are well trained to handle denture care, and they will make you feel at home.

Dr. Budzinski does in-office repairs of full and partial dentures. Most repairs can be made on the same day.

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